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I won't lie, I love to travel! I particularly like the rugged beauty of nature and if it's hot too, all the better! But travel is about more than just taking pictures of beautiful landscapes. It's about discovering bits of the world that are different from where we live. It's about meeting and connecting with people and understanding a little bit more of the world. Below are the pictures from our latest trips. Click on the pictures to see the galleries in their entireties. Enjoy!    


​Visiting northern Lapland end January is A-MA-ZING! It is all the things you expect it to be (cold, white, beautiful) but in many ways, it is unlike anything you have ever experienced.

There are only five hours between sunrise and sunset but, thanks to the the sun remaining so close to the horizon, all those hours are all golden. The skies are filled with delicate blue, pink and peach, gold and lilac. It's pastel heaven! And because dawn and dusk last around twice as long as at home, and the reflective whiteness of the landscape, the actual daylight seems much longer.

Lapland is nothing like the French Alps with all the crowds queueing at the ski lifts or the bars. Here, all you hear is... nothing. (Also, there are no mountains). It is so peaceful and unspoilt, you could run around naked if it weren't so cold! During our stay, it varied between -7 (balmy) and -22 (bitter). I have learned that in Lapland in January, there's no such thing as too many layers. If I tell you that one of the best things about riding a snowmobile was the fact that it had heated handle bars, you probably know enough.

Being able to photograph this beautiful scenery and the awesome northern lights in these conditions has been such a thrill but it hasn't been without its challenges! Changing settings on the camera with double gloved hands is really not easy. And I did not know that a camera could get stuck to your face or that it could turn white and the viewfinder totally freeze up so you can't see a thing. But it is all worth it for those northern lights! We had to wait four nights for the sky to be clear but, oh boy, what a spectacle it was when it came! I wish it had occurred to me that going to Lapland during a full moon is not ideal (the professional photographers don't bother staying up), but despite the 'natural light pollution', it was still pretty fantastic!

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