CHRISTMAS 2017 - Sabine Tillie-Davidson

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The Davidson Christmas News 2017

Sabine's News

I suppose my biggest news this year is that, after 30 years in England, thanks to Brexit, I have finally decided to become a fully fledged Brit. It took 6 months of lots of paperwork, a language exam (yes, really), the 'Life in the UK' test and a packet of money but I now have two passports, the security that I won't be treated like a second class citizen come 2019 and a licence to vote. Shame I had no say in the outcome of the referendum...

Our nest is still empty but life is busier than ever. I still work as a vet, I still dance and I now also take a Pilates class to keep my ageing joints well oiled. I joined the local camera club at the start of the year so photography is still taking up a big chunk of my free time. I'm hoping to become a Licentiate of the Royal Photography Society next month. I have to present a panel of 10 prints to  5 judges and impress them with my work. Fingers crossed!

Hope you have a lovely end of year with friends and family.

Steve's News

Life seems to be getting increasingly busy. This year we were invited to a couple of weddings,  took a lot of holidays: Sorrento, Athens, Milos, Santorini, Belgium, Wales, Lake District, Devon and soon  Lapland. We met up with old friends we hadn't seen for a while (Ginger and Carlos, Steve and Julie), and had a great weekend  at the  Boundary  reunion. Sabine became more English (but not less Belgian).

I have been involved in starting a makergroup in Basingstoke. We just moved into our  new space and held an exhibition in Basingstoke Discovery Centre with a full size radio controlled Dalek that, somewhat ironically,  had problems getting up the stairs. Lots of fun printing shoes on a 3D printers. One night a week I find an interesting public talk on a  subject such as Humanism, AI , Bitcoin, Neuroscience and Scepticism.

In short, a good year!  Hope you all have a very pleasant Christmas and  an enjoyable  New Year. 

Sam & Elly's News


We have had a busy year! Kicked off by completing the three peaks challenge (Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon) in just under 36 hours. After this we completed our explorer belt award. This is a 10 day expedition in a foreign country (Belgium in our case) that is completely self sufficient. We visited WW1 sites and even made a new friend. After this, I (Sam) had a week off before doing my Gold Duke of Edinburgh expedition, spending 5 days walking around the Lake  District.  Once this was done, we slowed down but still managed to fit in: UKs biggest zip wire, paintballing, climbing the O2 Arena, national scout camps and paddle boarding in waterparks. We are now ready to hibernate for the rest of the year!

Hope you have a great Christmas!

Sam & Elly

Laura's News

It's been a good year. I am in my final year of university, hoping to keep studying and go into research when I've finished, and still loving it (though not so much exams).

I became a brown belt at Wing Chun Kung Fu, (one below black belt) and still training hard. I got my explorer belt award through scouts, walking 115km around Belgium with Sam, Elly and our friend Martin. I've been keeping myself busy, with projects and uni, from 3d printing to drawing, but for now I think I'm just happy to be home with the family and the cats, and to have a bit of a break.

Happy holidays guys :)

Laura x

Fynn's News

I'm looking rather handsome these days, all thanks to that retched diet my human mum has put me on. I am therefore required to supplement my meagre rations with the odd mouse here and there. Other than that, life is good especially now the young mistress has come home from uni and I get extra fuss made over me.

Maya's News 

I turned 10 this year. How did that happen? I don't bother with sport other than occasionally disciplining my son (which I have to do quite regularly). I suppose you could now legitimately call me a GOC (grumpy old cat). I apparently hold the title for being the world nosiest cat. I also adore Christmas because of the Christmas tree and the string around the parcels and all the boxes to explore. Oh how I love Christmas!...