Optical Snoot Shoot

The Calendar Self-Portrait Project

An exciting way to start 2023! My first play with my Christmas present.

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Every year, I try to do a project in order to keep the creative juices flowing. In 2022, as the pandemic was still keeping me at home more than I'd like to be, I took 12 month-appropriate self-portraits . Having a series of portraits taken with a running theme is a great way to make an  album with a personal narrative.

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Rankin's 2020

Untitled photo

Collaboration with North Hants Stanza Poets . As programme secretary of Basingstoke Camera Club , I organised an evening of Photopoetry with a local poetry society. This was so successful that both parties decided to continues the collaboration. You can see some of the poems I worked on here .

In 2020, British Fashion and Portrait photographer Rankin, made a series of programmes for Sky called 'Rankin's 2020'. He asked members of the public to submit images of what 2020, the pandemic and lockdown meant to them. One of my submitted images was chosen out of more than 21,000 submissions and was featured in the programme. There was also a book published with profits going to Mental Health UK

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LRPS Panel

Basingstoke Camera Club

Untitled photo

In June 2018, I achieved my LRPS distinction from the Royal Photographic Society with this panel of images. The Royal Photographic Society's Distinctions are recognised as measures of achievement throughout the world. I am now working towards an Associate Distinction and am hoping to achieve this in 2023.

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2017 was also the year that I joined Basingstoke Camera Club . I found a group of very supportive  people, so generous with their time and expertise, and I have since become the programme secretary of the club.

This is the very first image I entered in the club competitions and it got me a 10/10!

The 2017 Street Portrait Project

Fusion Dance Academies

Untitled photo

One might think that one picture a week might be easier than a picture a day, the project I did in 2013. Well that depends on the nature of the images . In 2017, I set myself the challenge to take 52 street portraits ("Please may I take your picture") and candid shots too. It's a little scary taking pictures of total strangers but I found that people were generally very nice and chatty. Only two people would not let me take their photo in the whole year which I class as a great success. 

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I've danced all my life. I love it! The last dance school I danced with was Fusion Dance Academies and I took part in and photographed  numerous shows  at the local theatre until I tore my rotator cuff doing cartwheels and sadly had to hang up my dancing shoes. 

2013 Wiki loves monuments UK competition

Untitled photo

2013 A Picture a Day Project

12 th December 2013.  Jimmy Wales , co-founder of Wikipedia , presented me with  my trophy for getting a highly commended. Privately, Jimmy told me he liked my image best! :-) See it here. Other winners can be seen here

I embarked on what would turn out to be an amazing project and I learnt so much! Without a shadow of a doubt would I recommend a 365 project for any  photographer wanting to improve their skills and creativity. It is not easy though! The amount of times I was trying to find something to photograph at quarter to midnight was not infrequent. But I stuck at it and I am really proud of what I achieved.

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