Creative Portraits

Wacky concepts and a love of experimenting with lighting and post-processing techniques is what makes this gallery rather eclectic. The bright colours and chiffon, feathers and such like are enough to liven up any shoot and model and photographer always have fun!

Inspired by Art

I am permanently inspired by the world around me. Paintings, TV and film, news, advertising, books, etc. constantly give me ideas that make me want to create. The only drawing I can do is with light so my camera is my brush. Making my own props, sewing outfits and finding all the little details I can put in my images is all part of the fun making these little scenes unique. I am currently working on a project re-interpreting old masters' paintings and using mythological, historical or fantastical creatures to tell a story.

Pastel Colours

I like the dreamy feel of high key, pastel coloured images so they get their own gallery.

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