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I love to dance! Every year  Fusion Dance Academies puts on a show in our local theatre and, apart from performing, I also take lots of pictures between costume changes (never a dull moment!) Click on the picture below to see the collection from the July 2017 show. (Contact me if you don't know the password)

Downloads for your personal use are just £1.00 each. Prints are at reduced price for a limited time. The watermark will not be displayed on the prints or downloads. The resolution of the downloads is 1 MP which is will enable you to print a 8x12 inch photograph nicely. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. sabine@stevedee.demon.co.uk

If you or your child dances with Fusion Dance Academies and you would like the password to view the galleries of previous years, please contact me via the contact page.

Fusion Dance Academies Haymarket Show 14-15/7/17

Hannah Arbury

This is Hannah Arbury. She is one of the very talented dancers at Fusion Dance Academies who is also a student teacher at the school. She  teaches my class and is very good at it! This year she was spotted by talent scouts and got a fantastic opportunity to fly to New York to train for three weeks with the Broadway Dance Centre, based near Times Square. I look forward to seeing what she's learnt but worry slightly about all that new inspiration for choreography she'll come home with and want to pass on... ;-)  

These pictures were taken at the Haymarket theatre during the rehearsal for the 2017 show. 

Fusion Dance 2016

Fusion Dance 2015

Fusion Dance 2014

Make Believe 2014

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